Pattern Making is sculpture. The approach an artist takes to create a fine piece of art is the same approach we use at B&W Woodcrafters. We start with a design and build to its specifications. Sometimes we are tasked with reproducing an existing piece. It may be a cornice from atop a six story building, or, a decorative header over the entrance to a courthouse. It might even be parts for a massive pump at a municipal water pumping station. We create the actual piece as the pattern, to size and then a mold is made from our sculpted pattern. From that mold, a one off, or multiple castings of the original pattern are cast in the finished materials. Metal castings are typical, but, masonry products and other materials are also used.

Like all fabricators, we produce solutions in many different kinds of materials. Having the ability to produce parts and pieces from patterns that we create, in house, is a capability only found at B&W Woodcrafters. It might be a foundry or metal pattern, sand casting, fiber glass, or our thermo-vacuum forming that is the solution you require. You need look no further because we do it all.

We are persistent in the attention we give to every detail and nuance. We combine that persistence with meticulous craftsmanship. And in the end, our clients are the owners of a superior product they can be proud of. Excellence is our goal and B&W Woodcrafters is unique because, we do that every day.