The knowledgeable and out of the box thinkers at B&W Woodcrafters are always stimulated by the need for solutions to your creative challenges.

Do you have the need to display your message, product or service at a special event or location? How about a restored antique pickup truck? Or, maybe you would like to transform your typical, slat wall, retail location into a futuristic environment with backlit walls and ceilings and a glowing reception desk and cash wrap. We’ve done all of that.

When it comes to food service locations, as a full service fabricator, we also produce total store fit outs. The list of materials we use, from metals, woods, ceramics, plastics, glass and more is virtually limitless. The variety of our capabilities including thermal laminating, fiber glass construction and other unique and creative fabrication opportunities is extensive. Take a good look at Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perfect or Cinnabons locations. Yes, we build for these fast food companies as well as many restaurants, bars and breweries, coffee shops and other food service businesses, across the country.

It might just be that your business requires a new image. A classic symbol could be just the ticket to establish your company as the most reliable in your industry. Well then, how about the Liberty Bell? We have actually reproduced this iconic symbol, full size, in bronze and down to the last detail (excluding the crack) to ring at a perfect E Flat.

Our ability to do exact reproductions, extraordinary casework and superior quality millwork, allows you to be as wildly creative or conservative as you choose to be. You should feel confident that your project is being precisely produced with the intention of exceeding your expectations.